Career aspiration: artist. A film BY Berlin students who want to turn their creative gift into a profession. ABOUT former students at art/music focused Berlin high schools who currently study resp. work as artists. WITH former, current and future high-school graduates on and behind the camera. SPOILER! Non-fiction elements will be combined with scenes of a feature film by moderation to a video magazine: six to eight portraits at 2-3 minutes, completed by some 30-second-introductions as well as a feature film sequence of ca. ten minutes (total duration about 30-35 minutes).

The film will focus on short documentary films, particularly about young actors/actresses and film-makers as well as some jointly produced feature film sequences. Some scenes of a short film (ca. 30 minutes) will be shooted. The plot of this film discusses “the artist’s vocation in society” as well:

Having to shoot her application movie for the film studies, the protagonist has induced her dark-skinned lover to gatecrash her graduation party playing a “refugee”. She is trying to film the “authentic” reactions of her class mates who do not know her boyfriend and have no clue about her plan. However, she had no idea that in two hours, she will have crashed not only the party but also her own tolerance limit. (TOLLERANZIA)

We will shoot about one third of the script (ca. ten minutes of the film).


  1. Interviewing young artists of several lines of business and schools on camera;
  2. Staging and shooting self-developed feature film sequences with several of the artists portrayed;
  3. Adding moderation to, commenting on and giving further information about instruction, professional prospects, articstic positions or background information;
  4. Cutting and editing the material and publishing the result on [] and on DVD;
  5. Publishing reports about all working steps (making of) and some previews/outtakes constantly and contemporarily on qurt. to reveal the development of the film/documentary.


Introduction of young artists to the public. Distinguishing the active participants as film-makers and give interested adolescents the possibility to work on a film set. Informing pupils, parents and teachers: There are ca. 35 public schools having a focus on art/music.

Project funding

We realize all creative accomplishments ourselves and all payments in kind / services through donations resp. cooperations. Financing of the other items: own capital (prize money), contribution of the aid association of the Kurt-Schwitters-school (“Förderverein der Kurt-Schwitters-Schule Berlin”), project funding by “Jugend-Demokratiefonds” and “Fonds Soziokultur”. We are happy that all grant applications have been approved – since the shooting, especially of the feature film, is only appropriate with semi-professional equipment for creative as well as technical reasons! In particular, we have the possibility to choose (within the bounds of the budget and the experience of the responsible crew members) and rent suitable camera technology.

Expected results


– Encouragement of their motivation and demystification of their idealized ideas
– On-the-job experiences
– Insights in questions of job profile, occupational history and career prospects
– Networking with the community


– Publication as internet stream as well as screenings at Berlin high schools
– Submission at documentary or short film festivals
– Broadcasting at the local TV-channel


Prologue (production of the trailer/film posters)

June 25 – 29: project week / July 2, 2018: presentation

Start of preproduction

June 15, 2018

Shooting of the documentary part

July – October 2018

Shooting of the feature film

August 13 – August 18, 2018

“qurt.sfilm-Konzert” (qurt.s short film concert) at Jugendkulturzentrum Königstadt

September 14, 2018 – open for all crew members, supporters and Berlin high school students on the occasion of the new school year’s beginning!

End of postproduction

January 31, 2019